Karen Leslie Hall - On the Dream Road


Ever had one of those days at the office when you just wanted to come home, relax and listen to a great album? This album is the one for you... Karen has a beautiful, clear, slightly husky voice, which suits her music perfectly... The album is nicely put together with one song leading gracefully into the next... Karen Leslie Hall is at times reminiscent of the sounds of Joni Mitchell, and at times Judy Collins and other times like Maria Muldaur but always maintains her own unique vocal style. A thoroughly enjoyable album and one to have in any music collection whatever your taste.
FolkPrints Magazine

Hall's distinctively unique approach to folk with its pop influences evokes a warm contemporary feel that most folk artists seem to miss... There is an unusual and very dignified fusion of Hall's soft and persuasive vocals with the clean acoustic work of her session players... The music and the mood is layered, giving each track its own individuality... The majors should check out this talent.
RPM Chart Weekly.

I love her voice. It is beautiful, fresh and clear. She sings mainly simple, dreamy, folk music. There's also a blues number and a country tune. Several songs feature uncommon instruments like the marimba, pedabro, dobro and violect. The lyrics are pure poetry. They are so open and heartbreakingly honest that you feel like you're reading a diary... If you are lonely, a traveller, a frustrated lover or a fan of the ocean, you will find yourself and your feelings here.
The Chart Magazine

The Tracks:

  1. Walkabout [4:06] 
  2. Sing Me to Sleep [4:22] 
  3. Too Soon for Love Songs [4:51] 
  4. So What Else is New? [4:25] 
  5. Uphill in the Snow [4:23] 
  6. This Is Our Last Goodbye [3:59] 
  7. Look Me in the Eye [3:13] 
  8. I Think of You Always [3:49] 
  9. Water Baby [4:01] 
  10. Today I Danced with Angelfish [3:53] 
  11. A Homecoming [3:48] 

All songs written by Karen Leslie Hall (SOCAN).

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The Musicians:

Karen Leslie Hall Lead Vocals [1-11], Guitar [1-3,5-11],
Background Vocals [1-3,9]
Don Ross Guitar [2-3,6], Piano [2,5,9,11], Semi-acoustic Guitar [4],
Electric Guitar [9], Tambourine [3], Dobro [3],
Background Vocals [1,2]
David Woodhead Bass [1-3,6,7,9]
Al Cross Drums [2-4,6,9]
Mark Duggan Percussion [1,7] Marimba [1]
Jamie Campbell Background Vocals [9]
Mike Holder Pedabro [2]
Shelly Berger Acoustic Bass [4,10]
Carlos del Junco Harmonica [4,6]
Oliver Schroer Violect [6,10]

Produced by Don Ross.

Recorded at 1:2:1 Recording, Toronto.

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